How To Launch Your Shop

How To Launch Your Shop

Tools for successful merchandising.

Launching your store demands not only effort, but also specific tools to get the job done properly. Watch how the right equipment makes a world of difference to your team.

Shelf-reachers to merchandise high up

But these niche items are often difficult to get when you need them

T-Shirt folding boards

That’s why you now get Shelf-Reacher’s, T-Shirt Folders, Merchandising Rails, Tagging-Guns, Hangers & Mannequins, right here:

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Launching your store is enough effort, you don’t need to run-around looking for essential tools.

Rolling merchandising rails to help you get set up

You get hangers in wood, Perspex or metal, delivered to your store

Mannequin Displays fit for purpose

Mannequins helping you sell complete outfits

Refine Your Store Displays

Go from a ‘hack’ to using the ideal tool for the job & focus on store launch success!

Get the Jiffy Steamer for that Fresh Look

clothing steamers for that fresh look, after unpacking