About Us

Your retail store HOUSES stock on shelves. At Display Equipment Co. you get displays that EXHIBIT stock Like mannequins do, for clothes.

Here you get VISUAL DISPLAYS, Because great displays increase sales

Service . Quality . Variety

Our full service capabilty (both in-house and coupled with our overseas manufacturing partnerships) ensures our customers total satisfaction in the acquisition of:

-Mannequins and display forms

– Display rails and racks

– Counters and cabinets

– Slatwall and slatwall accessories

– Grids and grid accessories

– Coloured boards and papers

– Paints, brushes and spray paints

– Polystyrene and perspex products

– Artificial products including greenery, foods, fruits and vegetables.

We specialise in promotional printed balloons that may include any logo and / or message. Our art department is able to realistically create and paint anything in polystyrene. In addition banners, signs and posters are made to order. We specialise in and carry an extremely comprehensive range of Christmas decorations including trees, garlands, baubles and lights of every description. We are also a leading supplier of the famous Jiffy Steamer. As a leading supplier of display materials and equipment for over 50 years, we have established a reputaion for top quality merchandise, a uniquely comprehensive range of products and superior service to a broad spectrum of organisations including retailers, hotels, banks, schools, exhibition organisations, film studios, theatrical production houses and advertising agencies.

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