About Us

from VM-budget thinking only, to sales-target busting results

In Retail, you go to huge effort & risk when setting up your shop, planning to sell an ever-changing range of merchandise,

And seasonal ranges add pressure to the need for strong sales for fresh new ranges to take their place, keeping your best customers excited to return to your store.

But with so much competing for customer attention, you battle to tell customers how these carefully chosen products make their lives better – a message that must lead to a sale.

Visual Merchandisers focused on this task, demand the best visual display tools.

Since 1959, Display Equipment Co. has watched this retail battle & made it our mission to give your shop visual displays to help sell more stock.

Adding over 60 years’ industry experience with ever changing world displays trends, you’ll now get product-sales-focused Display tools:

  • Starting with a simple conversation.
  • Leading to proof-of-sales.
  • Finally rolling out proven displays in your shops.

We’ve seen how many retailers keep on using old / damaged displays, even in the face of changing ranges, reducing sales because your ideal VM plans are not in place. We believe this is a drain on revenue easily fixed with fresh thinking as your old / damaged displays can now help you get new, fit for purpose tools, both improving your brand image, while driving revenue at a reduced cost.

Damaged displays, not doing your sales effort any justice.

As your styles change, your displays can now keep up.

Put our team of Sheli, Mike, Basil, Greer & Mikey to the ultimate sales test and go from VM budget thinking only, to sales target busting results.

There’s so much competing for your customers’ attention. We give you the display tools that help your product stand out so that you sell more.