Here’s why more and more clothing retailers now get Mannequins as a Service

We can all agree that before you invest in (more) mannequins for your shop, you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll get a great return on your investment in the form of MORE CLOTHING SALES!

TEST for the best mannequin displays, until you can see you’re connecting with your best customers.

Despite the barriers we all know exist, the real problem is knowing exactly which style of mannequins to choose but also what to do when style choices need to change.

Yet we can agree it’s true that your merchandise displayed on mannequins has a far greater chance of getting sold than if all your stock was folded up on shelves

That’s why to make sure that you always have the right mannequin styles you now have Mannequins-as-a-Service.

Here’s how Mannequins-as-a-Service works for you:

  1. We deliver your mannequin displays to your shop.
  2. You get to make changes to your mannequins styles, gender, colour & qty with 90 days notice (even cancel if that’s required).
  3. Now you know that your shop has the best opportunity for sales when your mannequins succeed at turning your shoppers into buyers.

Not only does Mannequins as a Service help you achieve the ideal mannequin styles for your shop, but the service covers all repairs and maintenance to your mannequins, keeping them in showroom-condition always!

Now you never have to lose a sale again with old style or damaged mannequin displays that fail to make that vital connection with your best customers.

Benefit, just like the many clothing retailers in South Africa who’re thriving with Mannequins as a Service.