Your customers need help seeing how great your outfits make them look

Mannequins and mannequin display parts turn your shoppers into buyers

Mannequins help you sell complete outfits

Your shop thrives when your passers-by turn their heads and notice your beautiful merchandise. 

You’ve already chosen the best location, now set up your windows and your shop for maximum sales.

At Display Equipment Co. you’ll get over 60 years worth of experience, local manufacturing capability as well as the full range of imported mannequin displays.

Here’s how:

  1. Click to email your requirements or browse the categories on this page.
  2. We deliver to you.
  3. You get your shop set up to sell more merchandise.

Because great displays increase sales.

Stop your foot traffic in their tracks.

Show off and sell complete outfits.

Need more sales people? Mannequins at your service.

Dress your mannequins to drive home you style story.

Folded up denims look neat, but to sell them, show them off on denim legs.

Sell more denims. Draw attention by dressing leg forms.

Explain your complete style story at a glance.

Attract your passers-by.

Is your shop losing money in sales every day because you ‘make do’ with damaged mannequins or you simply don’t display enough merchandise to turn the heads of your passers-by?

Now, with all the options available to you including local manufacture, imported innovation and latest: mannequins as a service, you never need to lose another sale again.

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