This mannequin repairs itself and only costs R250pm

Get mannequins supplied, maintained & then changed annually

Having mannequins display your merchandise better is proven to help you make more sales, but require capital outlay. For this to work, your mannequins also need to be kept in showroom condition. You know maintenance is rarely done, which means clothes are often displayed on damaged mannequins.

Since 1959, Display Equipment Co. supplies on-trend displays to your retail store and we’ve seen how store owners struggle to keep their mannequins in tip-top shape.

Now you get to solve both the problem of capital outlay as well as mannequins maintenance. Here’s how:

  1. Click below to get mannequins that repair themselves for only R250/month

  2. We deliver to you

  3. Your mannequin is fully maintained and then annually replaced with style change options

Experience only the increased sales with your mannequins and none of the maintenance & style change problems.

Never allow broken, damaged, worn mannequins to tie up your capital and hold back your clothing sales.

Step out of the traditional mannequin ownership mindset, save cash and have showroom condition mannequins sell your merchandise


Torso’s also available, male or female, same deal, at R140 (per month)

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Denim legs male and female, also available, same deal at R199 (per month)

Sock feet also also available, same deal at R44 (per month)

Mannequin heads also available, same deal at R44 (per month)

Often products in shops don’t sell well because they’re not displayed properly. We give you great displays so that your shop sells more & you make more money.

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