Sell more clothes, pay less salaries!

How to have mannequins work best for YOU.

Nothing sells your merchandise better than your customer seeing the product in use.


Stunning mannequins are the best and most trusted ‘employees’ you can use to show off your beautiful stock.


In 2019-South Africa, the most cost effective way to get quality mannequins onto your floor, is to import what you need.


While the desired result seems relatively easy to achieve, the process becomes complicated when having to choose the most trustworthy international manufacturer for the best deal.


You’d also need to order an inconvenient quantity to make the shipment worthwhile and once you’ve jumped through all these hoops, there’s the 100-120 day delivery time.


At Display Equipment Co. we’ve successfully helped clothing retailers since 1959, sell their stock using mannequins, but without risk and frustration, Here’s how it’s done:


  1. We have people ‘on the ground’ in China sourcing the best quality mannequins at the best prices from trusted manufacturers.
  2. We always bring in more than enough mannequin stock quantity to give you the benefit of bulk prices
  3. We pre-order well in advance so that we’re always ready to serve YOU.


Simply email us your mannequin requirements list, and we’ll revert with a quote including DELIVERY TO YOU.


Packing space is cheaper to rent than prime retail space. Maximise on yours by displaying as much merchandise as possible using mannequins, right now and without the headaches.


Instead of taking unnecessary risks and wasting your time on tasks not core to your operation, have a trusted South African brand take care of your mannequin requirements while you sell more product.

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