Mannequin Display Lease

Your cost to lease mannequin displays. What items do you need?

Showing your foot-traffic exactly how to wear your merchandise is no longer a capital expense.

Mannequin Display Lease

For your Mannequin Display lease to make sense, we’d like you to have the exact cost & see the available items, to help your business sell more clothes.

You have the choice of gender and colour & we’d like to know which other mannequin display items you need, besides those in the images below.

Here’s how to get your price:
  1. click the button below, to send us the items & quantity you require
  2. we’ll reply with your quote
  3. accepting the quote gives you the supply of the items, a full guarantee for repair or replacement of any damaged displays and a complete annual change to your order

Sock Feet

in black, white or grey

Full Mannequins

Your choice of gender and colour

2 1

Denim Legs

Your choice of gender and colour


Mannequin Heads

Choose adult or youth and colour



Choose gender, colour and head or headless

Now you save capital money and at the same time, have the best displays showing off your merchandise, so that you make more sales.

Don’t jeopardise the opportunity to grab the attention of your passers-by, costing your shop the loss of valuable sales.

Beat your sales projections while still protecting your capital and we’ll help you keep those displays fresh & new.

Since 1959 Display Equipment Company gives you on-trend displays, helping you increase your sales. Because we realise how valuable your capital is to you right now, we bring you Mannequin Displays Lease [SUPPLY.MAINTAIN.CHANGE]